Setup Netgear Router with

  • Unbox the netgear router and connect it to a power source, using the power adapter provided with the netgear device
  • Take the Ethernet cable from the box and connect one end into your modem provided by your ISP and plug in the other end into the netgear router into the internet slot.
If you’re using a netgear modem router, insert the cable coming from your ISP directly into your netgear modem and make sure it is secured correctly.
  • Once the wiring is done correctly, just connect any of your devices to the netgear router, either by using its default WiFi credentials mentioned on the box or by using an Ethernet cable.

netgear router login

  • Open the router login link i.e.
  • The setup wizard of your netgear router will come up, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation of your netgear router.
  • All of the relevant settings of your netgear router will be shown during the setup process
  • Login using into your netgear router settings to make any changes whenever you want

After the netgear router has been set up once, users can choose to change the wifi name and password of the network at any point in time. To check and change the wifi name and passwpord of the netgear router, follow these steps:


  • Connect to the existing WiFi channel that is available for your netgear router
  • Login to the netgear router using or the IP address of the router
  • Click on Basic > Wireless settings to view the settings that exist
  • You can view your netgear wifi configuration settings here.
  • Make changes to the network name and password fields
  • If you are satisfied with the changes that you have made to these settings on the netgear router; Click the green apply button to finalize the changes
  • The wifi name and password for the netgear router will change and you will have to connect the devices to your netgear wireless router again using the new name and password

Firmware Update with

Netgear keeps releasing new and updated software periodically to keep the netgear router in peak working condition and secure at all times. Netgear router firmware update usually happens automatically. The netgear router is capable of updating its firmware on its own. Sometimes users complain about not getting appropriate speeds from their netgear device, this could be due to lack of maintenance on the user’s end. The users might need to update the netgear router firmware manually to get it up to speed the latest firmware version available.

To update the router firmware, follow these steps:

  • Login to netgear genie page, using
  • Click Advanced> administration to view the administrative settings
  • Click Router upgrade, click Check to check for the latest netgear firmware for your router
  • If any updates are found, the download and installation of the netgear firmware will begin automatically
  • The netgear router will reboot after the firmware has been upgraded

Update the firmware of my netgear nighthawk router using the nighthawk application

To update the the firmware of your router using the nighthawk application. 

Make sure you’re connected to the wifi of your netgear nighthawk router and open the nighthawk application. 

Login to the application and tap on Menu> Settings> Router settings> Check for updates

If any new firmware update is found, you can follow the instructions on the screen to update.

Things to remember after Setting Netgear Router

To make sure that you can get the best connectivity from your netgear R6400 router; keep your router in an open and central place in your home so that you can stay connected throughout. Avoid keeping the router in a cabinet or behind concrete walls. Do not keep the routers near a microwave or other such appliances. To  avoid interference on your netgear router can set a fixed wifi channel by logging into You can disable the smart connect feature on your router and set different wifi names for different bandwidths, so that you can manually select the appropriate wifi signal you want to connect to.

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