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Netgear routers are built as plug and play device, which has made a popular among the general public as well as businesses. But then why sometimes you cannot log in to Netgear Router login administrative page? In most cases, you can access Netgear Router login with or using Netgear Router Default IP Address

Start with Setting up Netgear Router Correctly to Access


  • Power up your router.
  • Wait until you see Power LED Solid White/Green.
  • Now use the Ethernet cable came with the router.
  • Plug it into your ISP Modem.
  • Plug another end into the Netgear Router WAN Port(Yellow Port). 
  • If you have a spare Ethernet cable you can connect it from Router LAN Port(1,2,3,4) into any PC or Laptop. (Recommended)
netgear router login


Note: Netgear Router login page can only be accessed when you are connected to it. HARD WIRED or WIRELESS

  • Use your Wireless device like Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet.
  • Go to wireless settings and look for Netgear Wireless Network. (NETGEARXX)
  • Connect to it. The default password is given on the bottom of the router.
  • If using Ethernet connection then just open your browser on PC.
  • I will recommend Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.
netgear router login

Now you are ready to open Netgear Router Login Page

netgear router login

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Once the netgear router is setup, one can simply login to to make any desired changes.

Logging into your netgear router gives the user freedom to not only monitor the router settings, but also make any changes to the settings. Logging into the settings of the netgear router gives you access to the netgear genie page.

Once you login to netgear wireless router the user can make changes to any of these settings:

  • Change the netgear wireless configuration i.e. user can make changes to wifi name and password
  • Manage the attached devices and monitor the active connections on the netgear router
  • Setup restrictions and parental controls on the wifi network
  • View the connectivity status on the netgear modem, to check the internet status
  • Change the netgear sign in admin password
  • Setup advanced features like port forwarding
  • Manually perform a netgear firmware update

And much more

All of these settings will be at the fingertips of the users once they manage to log in to the netgear router.

To safeguard the internal settings of the router, there is an authentication mechanism in place. In order to have access to the settings of the netgear router, the user must log in to the netgear genie page.

netgear router login

The default password to login to is “password” the default username is “admin”






  • Users can also choose to install the netgear genie application on their smart devices to monitor and maintain their home network.
  • If the user is unaware or unsure of the IP address of the router, (which is usually is the alternate address that you can use. This web address is accessible from all netgear routers, even if there is no internet access over the network.
  • login is the best way to login and has access to the router settings of your netgear router.

Possible issues with Netgear Router Admin Password

Unable to login using your admin password?

When trying to login to, the user needs to enter a username and password to confirm to the system that the user is the authorized to make changes to the netgear router settings.

  • Connect your device to the netgear router
  • Open
  • Enter your username and password associated with your netgear router and try to login

If the password or the username doesn’t seem to be working; Netgear routers come with a built-in password recovery option to recover your password in case you’re not sure about it.

To recover your username and password on the netgear router, follow these steps:

  • Open
  • You will be prompted to enter your username and password, this prompt will give you options to either login to the router using the correct credentials, or you can choose to click on the “cancel” button
  • Clicking on the cancel button will take you to the unauthorized user page
  • You will be prompted to enter your netgear router’s serial number, which you can find on the label. Click next after that

Note : The netgear router serial number has all capital characters. Check the case of the serial number that you have typed in

  • If you type in the correct serial number for your netgear router, you will see a couple of security questions that you will need to answer. The answers to these questions should be the same as the answers that you set during the initial setup wizard of your netgear router
  • If the information matches to what is saved on the router, you will be shown the username and password saved on the router. Using this information you can login to
  • If the information does not match what is saved on the router, try changing the case of the characters that you typed in.
  • If you are still not able to recover your username and password, try resetting the netgear router and configure it again.

If you’re not able to login to the using the username and password that you know and the password recovery option isn’t working, try resetting the router.

Follow these steps to reset your netgear router:

  • Locate the reset button on the back of your netgear router
  • Press and hold the reset button on the netgear router for 10 seconds
  • The router will reboot once after the reset
  • Connect your device to the netgear router and login to
  • Follow the setup wizard to setup your netgear router after the reset
  • Set appropriate passwords and select your security questions
  • Make sure you know the answers to these security questions, as these answers will help us recover the password if we ever need to.

Troubleshoot Netgear Router access Errors not working?

Access page using default IP address of the router. 

You can find the IP address of your netgear router using the command prompt or by checking the details the of the connected network device on your windows or mac computer

How to find the IP address of your router?

Windows :

  • Open the command prompt on the windows computer, by searching for cmd in the start menu
  • Type ‘ipconfig’ to view the IP configuration of your netgear router
  • Note the Default Gateway IP, this is the IP address of the router


  • Open the network connections on the windows computer
  • Right click on the Netgear network that you see, and choose the status
  • Click Details on the window that pops up
  • Note the IPv4 Default gateway


  • Open the network preferences on your Mac computer
  • Select the type of connection you have with the netgear router, Wifi or Ethernet
  • Click advanced to see the advanced settings of your netgear router
  • Open the TCP/IP tab and note the Router IP address

Using these methods you can find the IP address of your netgear router.

Once you’re familiar with the IP of the router, it is pretty easy to get to the netgear router login page.

Follow these steps once you know the IP address of the router

  • Open any web browser on your device that is connected to the netgear router
  • Type the known IP address on the address bar of the web browser and hit enter
  • The router login page will come up on the screen; netgear will bring a prompt on your screen.
  • Use your username and password to login to your netgear router

Netgear Router Login Steps for Updating Firmware

Netgear keeps releasing new and updated software periodically to keep the netgear router in peak working condition and secure at all times. Netgear router firmware update usually happens automatically. The netgear router is capable of updating its firmware on its own. Sometimes users complain about not getting appropriate speeds from their netgear device, this could be due to lack of maintenance on the user’s end. The users might need to update the netgear router firmware manually to get it up to speed the latest firmware version available.

To update the router firmware, follow these steps:

  • Login to netgear genie page, using
  • Click Advanced> Administration to view the administrative settings
  • Click Router upgrade, click Check to check for the latest netgear firmware for your router
  • If any updates are found, the download and installation of the netgear firmware will begin automatically
  • The netgear router will reboot after the firmware has been upgraded
  • You can also Browse your Downloaded Firmware.
  • Download and Check your Firmware Here.
netgear router login

How do I update the firmware on my Netgear  x10 router?

-To update the firmware on your netgear x10, login to and open the advanced tab. Click administration > router upgrade > Check. If any new updates are found, the router will ask for your permission to start the installation. The router will reboot during this process.

Note: Do not unplug or reset the netgear x10 router during this process. It can damage the router.

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